About Me

Pictures have an important place in our life, our family, our history. They capture memories because in all reality, especially now, as life seems be going 1,000 mph, we forget little stuff, sometimes even big stuff–like visiting that park, or that sunset where the clouds didn’t quite touch the hill top and there was that one almost pink, but more orange on the horizon.

Pictures capture once in a life time moments. That is why people hire photographers for weddings, graduations, birthdays, and reunions. We spend time planning, inviting special people, ordering the right food, setting the colors of napkins, filing up balloons. So you go and enjoy those moments, with those special people.

Pictures tell stories. I started in journalism. Those pictures that get published must tell the reader more about story. They elicit emotions. That includes everything from the people, how harsh or bright the lighting is, the environment, action in the picture. When a picture doesn’t keep your eyes attention, make you think twice, more deeply, fills you with information, then what does the picture do? This is one of the driving forces behind my photography style.  

Pictures are one way we can communicate with one another. It is a fancy way of using emojis whether we are smiling, frowning, giving a thumbs up, or are 100% serious. Again, it’s all the little things that we as photographers look for, coach, direct, set from looking at the camera, at a product, or off into the distance. Our communication, emotion can be more clearly understood if our body is positioned in the correct manner. This is why I talk, almost continuously, explaining thoughts and concepts, emotions during a session.

For example…


Welcome to Spring, when new flowers bloom…(around the Pittsburgh Region)