This page is dedicated to the dancers I get the privilege of working with. Some are young, some are professionals, others are international students here for a short time.

Personal shoots are $80 an hour. These are designed to fit your style whether it be ballet, fashion or friends. Locations vary around the Pittsburgh region. You get a full gallery of images from your shoot! An hour typically provides 50+ images.

I enjoy watching the creativity of each. They are thinking about their lines, feet, hands, smile, extensions. At that same time they are telling a story. Some of the stories are of love which are slow and romantic. Some select ones are fast and abrupt. Either way they are using the timing of the music, the space they are in, the audience in front of them as pieces in grand masterpiece.

Each dancer leaves me in awe…

IBG Movimiento with Irania Garcia as Artistic Director performing in Rosie’s Workshop at Ross Park Mall

Featuring Maicon, International Choreographer and Soloist

Featuring Masahero, Soloist at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

Featuring Harry Warshaw and Ariana Chernyshev of Washington Ballet

Featuring Areum Jeong, Ajkun Ballet Theatre

From Korea to Pittsburgh to New York. It amazes me the adventure dancers take to get where they want to go. It also amazes me how this itty bitty dancers has such great strength to hold an arabesque and which ever angle she wants! Tiny but mighty!

Featuring Misato, International Professional

It’s not every day we get to meet brave young adults who have the courage to cross the great big ocean where they will train. It was such an honor to meet this young lady. She is just as beautiful inside as out.

One day you walk into a studio meeting a new group of dancers. You may see them every day for a year, then things change. And then, as those in the dance world know, you need not fret for you will see them again. It is absolutely amazing how much a dancer changes in a course of just a couple years.

Featuring Rickia Lynn, Pittsburgh teacher and choreographer

Dancers of all styles deserve their time in the spot light! Featuring Rickia Lynn! Hip hop artist, teacher, choreographer and mentor! She’s dedicated to her style! A complete package!

Featuring Erin Casale & Alex Tilson, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

The dance world takes up many hours of our life, day after day. Dancers make friends, find love, and create new memories. Dancers travel across oceans, around the great USA. It’s so very neat to see where life takes them.

The hopes and dreams of every dancer, to be called back from an audition with an offer of acceptance. There are many changes that quickly take place from being a student to a professional. Classes no longer include extensive training but rather are just a warm-up for you body so you can begin the long day of rehearsals. I have no doubt this young lady will enjoy her new found, professional career.

Featuring Adriana LaMantia

This was one of the fastest dance shoots I’ve ever done! And it included driving to three locations and getting lost 😅

She knew what she wanted. She knew how to nail it. She got the job done AND looked great doing it!

Featuring Allegra Golembiewski, Texture Contemporary Ballet

Such a cool woman! Creative, talented, strong and is not afraid to be who she is.

Dancers work hard. They work hard at rehearsals. This takes many hours out of the week. Then, if performances are upcoming, that consumes more time. Even professional companies struggle to meet the financial needs of their dancers. Many professional dancers have second jobs; including second full time jobs! But when your heart is pulling you into such an art, all the hard work is completely worth it!

Featuring Lena Takechi from Pittsburgh Ballet Graduate Program

Not all dancers are the same. They are each beautiful in their own unique way. They each find a light. Their light. I am privileged to be behind the camera lens, capturing these moments.

Dancing with your puppy!

Dance is a world of style, fashion, and creativity. It all works together. You just have to have the right attitude! And this young lady is full of it! Her puppy was so curious about how all this worked! What a sweet session.

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